hydrofarm modifications?

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i'm planing to start a 2nd attempt at auto flower strain grow. my 1st was in coco mix. i made the mistake of confining the root space & over watering. i would like to use a coco/hydrostone mix in a hydrofarm system.i saw some modifications being made to increase air flow by drilling holes & adding air stones.this is the information i would like specifically the seeds i am using have so far had outstanding gemination rates. also they they do flower at 15-18 day mark w/ full flower by the 21st day. my seeds are 1st gen. feminized. any help would be appreciated. wish i read the threads before my 1st run................thnx.


when doing any type of hydro you can never have to many air stones
i dont recomend cutting holes in the containers unless you are going to run cords through it and tape it up, it leads to bug problems and water evaporating from you rez, and that means your ec is going up
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