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I've noticed this "difference" in the Meanwell specs versus what the voltmeter reads as well.

I ended up switching to a Inventronics driver which IMHO is a way better driver and usually can be had for less money.......on average around 20 bucks cheaper than a Meanwell driver......it has built in programming, superior current control and output. Leads in surge protection..... The list goes on.

If you wanna build a better light why not go with the better drivers??

If you look at the higher end power HLG light kits, they do not come with meanwell drivers.....I asked Steve at HLG a while back why this was......he commented that for higher power drivers, that Inventronics was the better choice.

What is your opinion/experience on this??

Welcome to the farm!
Ty for the info. I will purchase some different size Inventronics drivers and put them to the test. If they have better results than the HLG-AB series then we will once again make the switch!
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