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This will be my first try using coco/perlite in fabric pots. I’ve been doing rdwc with some 2x2 f&d’s.

I experimented with top feed and hydroton, worked ok, but not ideal for me. I like how clean clay is to run, but I’m thinking the coco is worth the mess? )

I had (15) seedlings in solos, no purpose, but just couldn’t resist.
I love the seedling stage, a fresh start. These have been going for awhile.


Turns out, their special purpose was coco, literally abandon a late flower veg to start this. To be fair, I lost the handle on one waiting for the others. I needed a change, so it didn’t take much to decide.

I know a guy who knows a guy. Having some heavy hitters to rely on, instills a great deal of confidence too! Thanks bro!

I’ve whittled it down to (8) with (3) in purgatory.

Berry Nice Plants by San, been going for a long time, started (10), down to (2). They have been transplanted from 1/2 gal. clay to 1 gal. coco/perlite. The clay required more frequency, so I chopped the rot ball and stuffed it in coco. It was sink or swim, this plant is so tough, figured they’d pull through!
You almost have to go out of your way to kill this plant!

Berry Nice Plants- SAN (2)

Consumption- AKBB


Cough bx1- RELIC


SSHxLemon Thai F2 #2-Zoo

Dracary’s- KATSU

I have three plants in another tent, testing recirculating top feed coco. I’ve never grown a male, this Dope Beard Durban is beautiful, but unfortunately, no girls.
I also have a Banana OG and Cough bx fem bunking together. Not breeding, just get tired of killing good plants.
It’s also a chance to test the stability of returning runoff back to the reservoir. Would be nice when dtw isn’t feasible?

I chose Mother Earth 70/30 coco/ perlite, ready to go and good reviews. Running in cheap fabric pots, throwaways, as has been posted.

I ran Jacks 321 in rdwc and really liked how simple, stable and affordable it is for me.

So far, it has been rock solid mixing 20+ gallons, actually was looking for a little drift up. So far not much. Stir pump.

I don’t get too carried away with feeding, recently started using a root enzyme.
I’m adding some leftover CS for some pk boosters? Can’t really speak to this yet, never been consistent enough.
Bro says use it, I’m going to approach it seriously.

Using up some leftover Blue Planet silica. I’ve noticed some good discussion about silica here.
Hydroguard, of course.

I’ve settled on Orbit manifolds, kicking myself for the FX bubblers $$, no comparison for me. I do like the green hose though! )
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