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Officially the end of the wedding cake run. Super happy with my first scrog and I’ll post back what I get for total weight. Ended up tossing a lot of the one plant that was different which I expected. Overall I can’t wait to start the next run. Had really great results from the mega crop and bud explosion so I’m gonna stick with them. Ordered some more coco yesterday, after finding out the local grow shop closed it’s doors for good. I have 5 deleted scene from cult classic started, lost one after it sprouted. Never ran feminized seeds before. I’ll probably throw in a clone of the wedding cake so I can run 6 plants again. Will be interesting to see the roots from the last run and the difference in the pot sizes.
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Ah that trusted old spiddy farmer and I bet that's mars hydro me sides lol, I myself run the lower watt Sf 3000 and added a heap 100 watt Mars hydro to boost my 4x4 tent to 400 Watts and it does perfect. And iv got more light coverage than having one light blasting all its Watts from the centre and what ever drops off at the corners, well id think 2 lights can be a better option. Can I ask what Watts your pushing put from both lights and what kind of yeild you can achieve on an average when u do 5 or 6 under that traless net. BTW love the grow room man and ps happy growing
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