I am great at smoking but not so great at growing.

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Hi I'm Andy from Southern Cal.

Although, a bit impatient at times, I am an expert at stunting growth and premature incorrect diagnosis. If anyone is interested in freezing their plants in time or producing a crop of "popcorn buds" I am here to help. Movie theaters are not open but when they do I have the popcorn!

To be fair, I have (after 25 failures) got a handle on what to do...sort of. I predominately grow autos all year outside and inside and then photos outside only.

Growing outside and indoors (DWC). I developed a fear of insects from growing outside, which I didn't have before, and now even a Butterfly makes me run away. My growing partner, the Sun, has been great; my girls and Superman are lucky to have him. I water them at night in crippling fear and my partner the Sun takes over during the day. He doesnt ask for any of my yield and helps me for free.

I name every single plant and in the beginning I would get emotionally attached. Now I am quick to drop the hammer and take them out. Agnes and Wilma, along with a few other girls, were murdered due to a misdiagnosis by me and I have to live with that. Now that football season is here I will get it over it. Go AZ Cardinals.
One drop

One drop

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G'day welcome to the farm I'm great a both . Regards od
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