I hate the United States Postal Service

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The USPS is staffed by angry, vindictive morons that suck to the core of their being. My local post office is literally HELL ON EARTH. I hate them. I hate them all. And now the UPS and FedEx pass off packages to them. So I get fucked every single time I get a package. They suddenly stopped delivering packages to my house. They won't tell me why. Instead, they either crush the box and jam it into my mailbox, or simply refuse to deliver.

This has resulted in destroyed merchandise, as well as major hassles. Can only get packages during post office hours? FUCKING FUCK. I get live animals delivered to my home!

And the Post Office has killed them multiple times. I HATE THEM.

This time, I'm waiting for UPS to deliver some nutrients that I have been waiting for. The day goes, no delivery. Waiting. Then I get a notice AT ALMOST 11PM THAT IT WAS DELIVERED.

WTF?!?!?! So I run around the house, can't find it. Next morning, IT'S IN THE FUCKING MAILBOX FROZEN SOLID. UPS passed it off to the USPS and the USPS crammed it into my mailbox and it dropped below freezing and ruined it.

I hope they all get ass cancer and die of leprosy after watching their dicks rot off.


yeah nutrients precipitate under 5 degree c
usually 8 degree C minimum written on the bottle

I always order nutrients directly from the manufacturer, even if it cost 10 pennies more
Some unscrupulous shops (I have a redlist) do not hesitate to send bottles waiting on their shelf since 10 years

"vindictive morons" 🤣
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