I have 2 Week old autos in coco 2 of them are turning yellow from the center bad luck or doing something wrong?

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Hi I'm a second-time grower although last year shouldn't really count as the one plant I had revegged and smoked like basil haha. This year I wanted to do it right so I got 12 autoflowers as I heard they were good for beginners and grew them from seed in coco. The strain is queso haze from some small local company. I put half the seeds in jiffy pellets then into 1 gal pots and half the seeds I germinated in paper towels and put into solo cups. I moved them all outside as soon as the seedlings started popping up and they've been there 16 days now. The ones in the pots which came from jiffy pellets are doing fine but ALL the solo cups are very stunted and two of them are wilting away. I'm feeding them fox farms trio organics giving them a half serving of big bloom every other watering. The ph of the water is about 5.8. I live in southern California and the plants get about 6 hours of direct sun a day. I have a few theories on what could be going on but im no expert and theories only get you so far. Im worried the pots might be getting too hot or maybe lack of drainage has anyone seen anything like this before. Heres some photos with a nail clipper for reference. All the ones in black pots look like the one photographed and all the plants in solo cups well....


I really think you shouldn't be feeding them yet. and bloom nutes are meant for when they start to flower. Good luck.
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