I have a single S1 from a plant with very desirable traits. What do I do?

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When I first started growing I got seeds from a friend of my parents. I found an amazing plant in a few dozen, but I didn't take cuts. I found a single seed in the top, and it makes me anxious wondering if I will botch what ever opportunities it may offer.

What would be my best mode of action to try and build up some genetic stock maintaining these traits? I've never selfed/reversed and my breeding selection process has been like a kid mixing drinks at the soda fountain. The guy I got the seed from has since been busted (other drugs) so who knows if I'll ever see another one like this. The plant should have been cloned but it was only my 2nd grow.


Put the seed in the fridge for two weeks, then sprout 🌱 it. The cold tricks it into sprouting stronger.


How old is your single seed?

Do you know any of the lineage?

Other than that you would have to pop it, veg it, clone it, and flower it. There is no telling what the outcome of that seed will be - could be a totally different plant than its mom that you were so fond of. In order to find a plant very similar to the mom, well, down the rabbit hole you would have to go.
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