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This is my second grow after a very successful first, and hours of research. I plan to make a name for myself in this industry. You won’t believe how lucky I got on a set up. Some old rich white guy gave me like 5 400w hps, ballasts, fixture and all, free. My cousin gave me a tent, exhaust and fans free. The universe is telling me to grow better organic buds than you guys, and I figured I’d share the process with you. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I got AK47 fem in a 3x3 Scrogged like a mofo. I’m stretching shorty out and testing to see if I can get a pound from one plant out of a 3x3. I poured MG performance organics, worm-castings, bone meal, perlite, food grade Diatom Earth, peat, vermiculite, and rabbit poop into a trash bag, mixed it, and that’s my soil bag. Rabbit poop tea and anything else organic I can find will be good.
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