If your a first time grower some tips...



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The biggest tip for the first time grower imo is dry a little extra before putting into the jar or bag. Because it's better a bud to dry an not moldy then to put a semi dry bud into a closed space.

Your weed unless you buy from certain companies won't have flavor anyway. And the effect will probably be lows. But you never know.

I'd also suggest a double or triple perculated bong beacaue it's probably going to be harsh but thr percks helps a lot. You won't get as blasted at a straight shot but its way nicer to inhale.

Also I prefer early buds to late harvests. Look for the strains suggested cut day. And follow it even if it seems under developed because that's what the guy suggested and maybe you just have to low of watts. But I've flowered perfect with florescent lights and the times were the same. Infact florescent t5 are a great way to start and cheap. You get a good quality bud and learn about water disapline...

I suggest you start with a bottle a&b line like roots organic aurora or even fox farm, some many lines with a and b mixes. I prefer organic I know a lot who don't care. If you don't care the fox farm original 3 is still a winner over many other lines.

youtube and here has a lot of good info.
If your a first time grower some tips
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