I'm about to Quit growing. Need Help please.

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Your problem is too much moisture not enough air and using a heat may under the cloner will cook them and create pathogens, you want a consistent temp and atmosphere during cloning.

A simple, guaranteed low maintenance way to clone .

I use Rock wool cubes, pucks are the same deal, prepare them with a soak don't squeeze them out it messes with the fiber and drainage and will not hurt a thing being fully water-laden going in
I don't use the hole in the cube I make my own off center and nearer an edge for 2 reasons, its a better fit on the clone to make my own hole, and it's closer to air being nearer the edge.

My cloner trays have 3 holes drilled into the bottom of the tray, the cloners fit inside the lip of a bigger tray which is filled with water to about an inch below the clone tray, the heat mat is put under the large water tray, mine is set to 27c . The clones are taken during the night cycle and placed into cubes and into the cloner when the lights go on they will be standing like they still on mum, the vents are wide open from the get-go so you have airflow with no stagnant wet air suffocating the clones it will be over 90% humidity inside the dome with the vents wide open, it is drawing humidity from the water in the tray below. When you want to lower the humidity inside the clone box just pop anything small under the dome lid that will knock about 10% down, you can regulate by how much open the side is. I also have the room the clone unit sits in heated to keep inside the dome at 24-25c . it will creep over that during the heat of the day but it doesnt run the risk of cooking them with heat mat and stale air, I use Inkbird controllers on both the heat mat for the water and on the heater for room temp.

Good luck this will not fail.

These clones are next day after cutting notice vents wide open, it will be 100% strike rate, and they were taken from mothers 7 days into flower because of an accident, they will still all strike, Im finding you basically do nothing they don't even need water for a week or so because of the high humidity airflow.

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If it keeps failing, try another way.

There are so many ways to clone, it would make your head spin. Find one that works for you and don't let it go.

- I use Jiffy pellets. I hydrate them cut a branch, remove all bottom leaves, dip in rooting gel/powder, then just stick the stalk in the pellet until it hits the bottom. I get 99%. But I fail with everything else I've tried.

- Directly in soil

- Water cloning (change the water every couple days)

A good friend swears by the perlite method.
Perlite & water in a bin. You can probably scale that down to a small setup.

There's always a formal cloner. DIY or store bought.

find what works best for you.


Can you offer any opinions as to what the heck I'm doing wrong based on the photos and/or my description of my process?
Too much moisture , heat , not enough air exchange and too many leaves...
Domes IMO are useful only if you are ina very dry environment, you can totally ditch em if you are in the upper 60s RH...
Also the heat mat is for very cold rooms.....
Good luck.....just keep it going until you will get the touch and then you will b king....trial error.....SUCCESS!


Hormex rooting powder > all. Trial and error. Take more cuttings than you need and use the ones that root. And If you use the dome intially, only open it a couple times a day.


Dome should be removed once a day and sprayed with fresh water.

Leaves need humidity to stop transpiration but it’s the last thing root formation needs.
The dome should be removed permanently after 2 days and you avoid most of those problems. Your clones are too close together and have too much foliage on them and too much moisture. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Take a few clones and try Spacing them out further. Try different things on your own. Do you have some healthy clones? And if so why are they healthy ? What is different about them ? Are they taller then the rotting 1s ? spacing ? Are the unhealthy clones buried in the middle with even less light hitting them and less air flow? Your plants are rotting. Depending on the temperature ,, When you take the clones get affect whether or not you even need to put them in a humidity dome. For example if you take clones when it's hot out or set them in a hot environment they can't uptake the water to keep from falling over that's why you need a humidity done. But if you do it when it's colder more than likely you can put them into cubes with no dome. Find somebody who knows what they're doing that can help you personally. Quitting is not the answer good luck


Hey all I humbly apologize for the long winded post but at this point I'm so discouraged that I'm about to give up growing altogether over this. I just murdered my 2nd tray of clones in a row. Do you have ANY idea what the heck is going on with my clones by looking at these images? They were taken from mothers that seem happy and healthy and green.

Been growing for 11 years. I have been fortunate enough to have been getting rooted clones from a friend for this entire time. I have tried cloning a few times over the years with limited success. Like when my friend, a few times, brought me unrooted cuts to clone. I've usually killed about 50% of them for whatever reason but I've still managed to root enough of them to create a 10 plant grow.

In any case, I haven't tried cloning in 6 years. I've been dreading it. My friend who gave me rooted clones over the years moved to another state a few weeks ago which I also dreaded. But before he left he gave me 3 mothers. I have tried making cuts and cloning from the mothers for the last month and I have murdered two trays of 20 clones each. I have no idea how. All I have is these photos to show you. It's seriously embarrassing not to mention a waste of time, money, and emotional energy..

Not to be Mr. negative but I just spent 2k on a brand new grow room set up in my new home and so far it's a total waste. I have absolutely no idea what the heck i'm doing wrong but I keep getting this same result as in the photos. I'm completely in shock, wasting weeks and weeks of time.

I feel like I've done at least most everything correctly.

Here's my process.........I've let rapid rooters soak in a gallon of bottled water and 4 tsp clone-x solution just like the bottle says. I then squeeze water out of rapid rooters so they're not soaked but still damp. Cut clones at a 45 degree angle using a sterilized razor. After I make a cut the cut goes right into a cup of water to avoid air bubbles. I do a minor scrape with a sterilized razor to the bottom of the clone, cut tips of most leaves, dip the cut in clone-x gel and then place the clone directly into damp rapid rooters. I use streril scissors to make small hole in opposite side of rooter so when its in the tray it doesn't slip all the way down into the water. Rapid Rooters with clones in the tray are then placed directly into the clone dome with water in another tray under clones so as to not touch the rooters but have water under for evaporation. I Place a heat mat set to 80 degrees under the dome to create a nice humid and warm environment in which the dome is covered with moisture whenever I view it. The Digital thermometer I have placed at rooter level inside the dome usually reads between 78-80 degrees.

Didn't crack my dome for about 5 days then opened vents 1/4 turn for about an hour and re-closed the dome so I wouldn't dry out the rooters. Next day I opened vents a little longer and then closed the dome. I noticed this browning on the leaves after about 5 days and it just gets worse and worse. Now day 8 and look at them. Basically all dead or dying. I have them under a little 4 bulb 2 foot T5. I keep them about 10 feet away from the light the first day and move them a little closer every day until they are directly under the light by day 3 or 4. (about 3 feet under the light.) Can you offer any opinions as to what the heck I'm doing wrong based on the photos and/or my description of my process? Thanks Peeps!
How close are u putting the cuttings to the light? And what kind of lights are you using? Don't quit my dude we all go thru it. I started growing in 2007 and LITERALLY DID NOT make my 1st successful clone until 2014 and it was by dumb luck but it helped me realize what I'd been doing wrong those 1st 7 yrs I killed literally HUNDREDS of cuttings/clones, I was using too high of wattage HPS lights in the beginning, then LED'S came out and I was putting my clones too close to the light and the wattage was still to high. Get urself a ballast that'll hold 3 low wattage T5 lights, the ballast I still use to this day to make my clones holds 3 skinny little 54 watt T5 lights and I can't fail at getting my cuttings to root within 5-10 days now. I even took cuttings off a plant that was set to be cut down and harvested in 2 days and I decided screw it may as well give it a try so I had these 5 cuttings fully budded out and within 13 days they rooted and eventually the buds went away and they went into Veg and those 5 clones to this day ended up being BEST BUD I'VE EVER GROWN IN MY LIFE! Keep at it bro everything will be fine. Ur root riot plugs look bone dry my man, u don't want em to be soaking wet, u just want em to be lightly misted all day. U can let em get close to all the way dry but make sure not for long and use a spray bottle and mist those bitches. Don't be afraid to mist the underside of the leaves and the tops of the leaves a little too because the cuttings Are gna take in water through both the leaves and the stems and eventually the roots once they root. Sometimes cuttings can take a few weeks to root so don't get discouraged if 15 or so days has gone by and nothing is happening. Keep it up man u got this. U got some good advice from what I've read and as long as u take bits and pieces of the advice u been given and take it all in and make it ur own style u'll be the King of cloning in no time.


The leaves seem mega moist. Too moist. And honestly too much leaf for clones IMO, especially if struggling.

When you make the 45* cut with the razor, are you immediately putting it in water or the rooting gel? You don't want air hitting the cut - gotta work fast.

Are you getting any roots at all? Can you bust open one of the pucks and show a pic? I'm guessing it is a ball of goo at the tip where you cut and not roots. If thats the case, I got ideas for ya.
If you cut the stem under water you won't get an air bubble.
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