Indoor grow tent tangerine dreams 4x4

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Indoor grow tent 4x4 - 9 plants. 3 ready to harvest: 2 tangerine dreams & 1 sour kush
All autoflowers. The other 6 girls: 1- G13 auto 2-3 weeks from harvest. 2 sour kush auto, 2 Bruce banner auto, 1 G13 auto ...all in week 8-9.


Looks beautiful, nice job! I literally just smoked the last of my Tangerine Dream yesterday from previous harvest, that one was my particular favorite (Barney's Farm, one of my go-to breeders). Nice orange flavor on inhale with a strong peppery haze aftertaste, one of my best flavored strains I've grown so far. Yield was medium, small-medium plant with semi-dense buds. If you haven't gotten to try TD yet, you should certainly look forward to it. The orange flavor seemed more pronounced in early curing.
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