inkbird temp controller question for heating

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so im thinking i should purchase the inkbird controller as my temps in the tent are dropping quite cold when the lights are going out.

I cannot run a heater in the tent as there is no room. what i am looking at doing is to heat the room with a small 2000w ceramic heater ( which i have been using on a timer ).

I was thinking to use the inkbird so i can maintain the temp in the room at all times and then the passive intake to the tent will suck in the room temp air.

where would you suggest to place the probe ? would that go in the tent ? or would i just put the probe in the room ?


I use Inkbird controllers. I don’t believe they are rated high enough for a 2000w application. I know you said there wasn’t any room in the tent, but I would recommend a small heater on the floor of the tent, and hang the probe at canopy level. I use one of these heaters on the low (750w) setting.

Works great w/ the controller.
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