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Hello Everyone!
I am a 63-year old first time home grower. My goal is to set up a home growing system for medical marijuana. I have some specific ailments that I feel high CBD/low THC marijuana will help. Actually, I haven't smoked any weed since the late 1970's! I understand that THC levels in modern weed is significantly higher than the $30 an ounce Columbian or the $25 an ounce Mexican that I used to smoke regularly from age 15 to age 20. I remember that 'Thai sticks' were a special treat back then. We also used to smoke hash when available. But even back then, as I got older I noticed that smoking weed made me a bit anxious or I quit smoking it at age 20 because of that reason.
I attempted to 'grow' weed back then...but it was mostly outdoors and never matured. But I love to garden and my family says I have a 'green thumb', so I am really enjoying growing.
Thats why I am interested in growing various types of high CBD/low THC weed.

This is my first grow:
Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 8.12.24 AM.png

My set-up:

Lighting: Bestva 600W LED light
Soil: Foxfarm Happy Frog potting soil
Fans: two household fans to move air
Humidifier: old fashioned 'vaporiser' type humidifier
Humidity Meter: one humidity meter
Temperate gauges: 2 temp gauges

Challenges so far:
1.) the growing space tends to have swings in temperature. But I have been able to keep the temp at an average 73 degrees with a few 'hot' swings up to 84 and some nightime drops to 68. The room tends to run 'hotter', not colder.
2.) Humidity consistency: I guess my house is very low in humidity...normally like 32%. With the humidifier I can keep it in the 40's...a few days I got it up to, like 51%, but just as the room runs 'hot'...the humidity tends to be lower...and I have been working hard to keep the humidity in the 41-44% range.

I am thinking of moving to a bigger, more temperature stable closet.

As of April 28, 2021 my three (3) plants are 14 days old.
I started Low Stress Training yesterday.
I have not added any nutrients yet.
I am careful not to overwater.

Here are some pics of the development so far:
AfterlightImage (8).jpg


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