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I'm Dennis Brown, owner of Solacure, makers of Flower Power UVB lamps as well as others. I've spent around 30 years in the UV business, including 20 working with cannabis growers. I'm no expert on soil, nutrients, general light or growing, but I've worked with a lot of good people when it comes to UVB and plans, in particular cannabis. Includes Ed Rosenthal, Texas A&M, Purdue, University of Florida, US. Dept of Agriculture, US. Dept of Energy and others. I am the chief designer of our lamps, and we do more than just cannabis, although cannabis is a huge part of our business. We also make UV products for pig tanning (yes, for show pigs, its a real thing), UV resin curing, materials aging and even things like whitening tennis shoes using UVA and peroxide.

I don't grow simply because it is still illegal here in NC (ironic but true). I do sponsor several growers, supplying the lights and UV for testing, and I get to be very hands on with these people, still, I'm no expert. I'm also a med canna user, for severe arthritis in my shoulder after a major surgery, and in my back, so I'm absolutely sold on the benefits. Because of cannabis, my opioid consumption is almost zero, except for the rare, super flair up.

I'm happy to answer any questions about UVB, based on my extensive experience. I'm not here to just hawk my lamps, but since we are the ones that invented the cannabis UVB lamp, I don't tend to test other's lamps. We are in the 4th generation, and most of my testing time is spent improving our lamps. There is a LOT of bad info out there about UVB, how it is used, when it is used, the safety, the utility, how to compare, etc., and I do hope to help clear some of that up.


Welcome to The Farm!

It's awesome to have you here, not sure how much you've dug around the sight, but you've arrived at the right time. There's been quite a bit of interest and conjecture about UV lately and I'm sure there are a couple members that will want to pick your brain. Some interesting stuff being tested at the moment.

Glad you found some time to sign up and offer up some info.


Welcome on board I'm all ears to hear what you've got to say


So, let’s get at it.........

1. How many watts are your lamps, and what’s their coverage area so we can compare to others?

2. What distance is best to hang them at for resin production?

3. At what period in flowering should uv-b be introduced to the grow room?

4. For how long should plants be exposed to uv-b daily?

5. Is there any benefit to slowly introducing uv-b and build up to longer periods?

6. Does the uv-b exposure reduce yield if introduced late in flowering?

Let’s start there, more questions to follow.....and welcome to the site!

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