Ipm (integrated Pest Management)

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cured!
I wanna try to resurrect this thread!

What are your guys cleanup/spraying routines? Do you change your clothes before going into the grow room?

I change my pants+shoes put on a hat and i wear a labcoat cause i like to feel smart haha
I do my change in a closet sized room at my entrance that i pump my filtered air into i call it "the airlock"

I am just getting started in this new space and am trying to decide what to spray when and where. I sprayed down my new clones with mild H202 mix as decontamination but i totally forgot to clean the walls~!


I like SLF-100. Someone recommended it here and it is the bomb. Since I started using it zero pests in the medium no salt lock out and no wasted nutrients

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