Irrigation water is 240 PPM Alkalinity what are my options

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before reading here is my growing practice: .5 acre Hemp farm , outdoor in the ground organic beds 4.9% organic matter which is fed 100% organically. 3 10x100 hoop houses that we dep 2 are in ground fed 50% organic 50% synthetic and the third is filled with 7 gallon pots using pro-mix as medium. Drip irrigation is used throughout all and we use an aero mixer to blend our water 100 gallon reservoir that's filled weekly from our water source.

Ive grown with this water last year unknowingly that the water was high in alkalinity due to incorrect water results not being completely done we only got a pH test we did have issues with lockouts in early and late flower. This year we have gotten a full water test done and its pretty high with bicarbonates... bad news is our PPM is at 240 on our creek and 202 on our well (which we used last year) .. Im wondering what my options are to handle this situation I'm seeing on other posts my ppm should be around 30-60. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I will keep an eye on my email and check back for any responses.


Actually all nutrient guides i have read say 150 ppm (.3 ec ) is ideal mineral content for source water. You are not far off. I manage my .3 ec 8.0 ph well water with just some extra runoff to keep excess calcium and iron more soluble and wash some away.

for organics or a fertigated pro mix grow you should be able to manage.

Other solution is to mix down your water to 100ppm with ro filtered water.
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