Is My Plant Ready To Harvest!? Helllp

Hi farm. I’ve been growing this bombass monkey krack kush from Turdburgler seed company (so sick duude!!) anyways I’m a really pro grower to the max but I don’t know when to harvest this absolute beast. HELLLLLP!!
Also if anyone can tell me why all my friends suddenly just quit smokin whenever I offer them some of my top notch product that would be great too. Thanks
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Monkey crack.......terdbugler.......?
You got me at monkey crack, shouldn’t be pushing Terdbuglers on anyone.
If you no what I mean, lol!
Ohh, they quit smoking cause you is crazy!! And your pots to strong for em!
my secret is
1st- leave plant in obscene small root space (1/4 solo cup)
2nd- forget about plant for weeks at a time
3rd-never feed it properly
4th- make sure not to let it have proper light (this step is crucial)
This fosters a prefect environment for idealic budzzz!!!!
4" x 3.5" pot. And you just forget about that shit hahahaha