Is my T5 room To cold?

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Ph 007

Ph 007

Does anyone know why my plant are looking shitty

Bigger plants are drinking slow and funny leaves look bit shitty growing slow for weeks now and white roots seem to after turn yellow ish

And the clonner slow growth and red stem and yellowing

I use to run my t5 cfl air temp on the wall campu level at 78-80f for years and grew pretty dam good
the last year or so iv been now running at canopy level shaded from the light at 75-77f fan set to 24c some day the look good other days terrible but growing so dam slow

It a strain called pineapple chunk it says online grow at 77f and water temp 77f

So maybe the need 77-79 canopy level air temp not radiant heat.

Or could the roots be to cold or warm

I'm running hps at 75-77f at the canopy plant tips air temp shaded from direct light and they are doing fine, the are taller plants and bigger tent so i guess the root pot/floor level is cooler than my veg tent is.

I have turned my oscolating fan off as its a small tent in hight and maybe roots to hot

Maybe I need my tent in the floor for cooler root zone as the air at floor level be cooler, it's passive intake
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Video below please help a over thinker as I drive myself mad :(

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