Is the extra step worthy instead of just infusing at once?

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Hi there, this is my first run trying to produce a medicine to help me deal with chronic pain and trouble sleeping. I'm aiming for something to put under my tongue before sleep, so any liquid form of the oil will do. First I was thinking to just try RSO but it is not only too concentrated but also hard to deal with at small amounts. So I decided to reduce the solvent (cereal ethanol) just a little and use as tincture drops. This sounds like a good solution since it's easy to produce and dose. The only thing that bothers me is the burning sensation under my tongue cause by the ethanol. So now I'm considering reducing the mix adding some olive oil to it, my understanding is that as the mixture is heated all ethanol will first evaporate at 78 °C (173 °F) before the temperature rises, then all the water will evaporate. So I guess as long as I monitor the temperatura closely I would end up thing a final liquid product containing only the active ingredient mixed in olive oil. I believe this is still easier to handle than RSO and wont burn my mouth like the ethanol tincture. Is the extra step using ethanol worthy or I should just try to infuse straight to olive oil instead?

Thank you.


I use MCT oil. Decarb the buds, and infuse it straight to the oil with sunflower lecithin at 160f for an hour. But I also have a Magical Butter machine making the process very easy. No tongue burn. I believe THC bonds to olive oil at the same temp(160f) so you may want to check that to make sure your not burning it up at 173f.
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