Jerome Baker Custom Piece

I am looking to sell this custom Jerome Baker piece I purchased with a bit coin a few years back. I know it's a bad picture but could anyone tell me how much it's worth?
Well my advice would be to contact JBD via email. I understand that Jason is reissuing some of his old designs the last few years, but notice some of the recent bubblers don't necessarily have that 90's fuming throughout as your piece does. They'd be able to help you date it.

Early JBD is very collectable with some early pieces demanding quite a bit of coin, especially your early motherships.

Jason Harris apprenticed under Bob Snodgrass who basically invented the glass game which helped put JBD on the map as Bob continued to age and put out less glass.

I have a 90's blackdragon glass bubbler that was blown by Bob that looks very similar. The one piece in my collection I'd never part with.

If it's a reissue probably not worth much, but if it's original that would be a piece I wouldn't want to sell in my opinion.