Just Passing Thru..... an intro to what's happenin in my grow world.

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Retired, older than I like, roll with it. Grew in a closet for 4 years learning with bag seed and halogen. I never did get a real decent smoke. some OK....if ya know what I mean. Gave it up for 5 years then it became legal and I'm back at it. I bought some seeds from a verified seed place, some great strains (are there any bad ones lol). I got some LED's, greatest gift to growing and all seems well 56 days from sprouting. Still expermenting, kinda a read, poke n hope type a guy. So I've been interested in the Sea of Green thing and build my own little set up for it, I know the first thing I may hear is too many plants for the area, yes hind site science, my question is??? should I chop more veggie out or let em finish up and just remove the half dead later. Other question is why my GG4 top buds are bald? I did pollenate one Bud on an Alculpoco Gold Auto, you think it might of got knocked up on top? Please don't say Hermie. Anyway love learning about it, I really like to keep it simple, with less fuss, so nothing exotic in caring for them... Soil...Organic....yum... already tasted a small bud off the Gold...whoa onto something here.
Just passing thru an intro to whats happenin in my grow world
Just passing thru an intro to whats happenin in my grow world 2


Welcome! Looks like you’re on the right track!
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