Keep or throw away this Blue Microverse

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Salvageable from my vantage point. Just sort out the issue before flip.
Looks to be growing in dwc? Not my specialty so I will give a bump til an expert shows up.
While I am here I will save everyone some time.
Give more info on your setup, every input that you have the ability to measure and also equipment used.


It's an auto in dwc and everything else is as it should be. 77f, 60%rh, 250ppm, 5.5 - 6.0 pH. It's straightened out now just didn't know if it's worth keeping.

I can top the middle out too get rid of that. Looks a lot better now than this morning but I've changed out bucket since then.

I'll let it go another week or so and see what growth I get. It should be ready for the two week stretch before flowering.
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