Killing Autoflowers and Learning to Grow Organically :p

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Fair amount of growth this week. #2 put another 6" on and is throwing out a ton of flower sites. The photos are getting overgrown and need some heavy trimming. I had a loose plan for some maintenance today, which turned into a 3-hour project after changing gears midway through and setting up a second tent.

IMG 7610

Blackstrap Auto Day 63 | Flower Day 24
68° | 46% RH | 700 µmols | 45 DLI

The autos got a moderate defoliation today. Standard fan leaf removal, cleaned up the center larfy bits and lollipopped the lower branches. After defoliating and planning to keep the autos in the 4x8, I suddenly felt compelled to rehome them to the 3x3 tent since it's staying in the 40-50% RH range in the basement. I went a little minimalist (for me) on hardware and am not heating or using de/hu units in the 3x3. It will be interesting to see how they respond to the cooler temp range since I typically don't let it get below 70 in the tents. #1 appears to be having a "bad reaction to the inputs". Might let her go w/ just water the rest of the way.

IMG 7632

IMG 7633

IMG 7629

It's pretty cool to see how different the secondary structure is between these two.

IMG 7634
IMG 7635

Ethos Mandarin Haze Day 63 | Veg Day...49 😲
75° | 63% RH | 250 µmols | 16 DLI

I guess that could be the name of this strain, it just says it's Mandarin Cookies crossed w/ Haze. It was a freebie pack 🤷‍♂️. Whatever it is, #1 has been growing like a madman. I thought about letting it fill out and flowering it solo in the 4x8, but I really want to get through a bunch of seeds before summer. I took a few clones, did an extreme defoliation, hacked down a bunch of branches and topped everything that was left. If they recover soon, I'll flip them in a couple weeks and hopefully have them drying by the end of January.

IMG 7618

IMG 7619

IMG 7609

IMG 7630


All it takes to grow autoflowers is patience, no transplantation, a nice light food botanacare pro is good, a fan, and a flower agant, Atami Bloombastic, feed light, don't stress, and as long as the beans were bred correctly ur good, keep it simple.
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