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dire wolf

dire wolf

Hey artful , getting clones wouldn't be a horrible idea either , it's just that you will get addicted to that and miss out on things like germinating seeds , observing the early stages of the growth cycle and the challenges that involve getting a plant from the veg cycle to the flower cycle ,
You won't be a complete grower , a lot of people do that , it's a shortcut , it's when I shake my head and say to people really don't know shit about how to grow marijuana
Kids theses days , always looking for shortcuts , what ya gonna do 😜


...I just feel like with artfuls introduction , that he's going to geek out...

Communication successful. Check. 😆 Yep, I'm going to geek out. I know not everyone is like this, but for me, that's kind of the point of hobbies. Projects to make the wheels spin on something other than life's troubles. You guys have already given me plenty to think about, but one question that I need to resolve sooner than later is the "kit vs. ala carte" question with regard to tent/light/ventilation. I see all-in-one setups over a range of prices, and then I also see lots of individual parts. I was originally thinking 2x2, but the logic put forward by folks earlier makes sense to me...if I like doing this, I'll want more space before too long, and if I don't like it, I'll sell whatever I get anyway, so I may as well go 2x4. I have the space.

Realizing that I have zero practical experience at this point, here's the way I'm thinking about buying stuff for an initial setup: I think an OK tent will be fine. I have duct tape, so I can make anything lightproof. The main requirement is a sufficiently sturdy frame and reasonable manufacturing quality. I'm going to get an LED light because energy efficiency and lower operating temp appeal to me. I'm extra clueless about ventilation. I do like quiet, (and have spent more time and money than most on making the PCs I build quiet and cool, for example.)

I would characterize my general approach to buying hobby-related things as looking for the Toyota level. I don't need luxury, but I like quality. I also like value, good engineering, usability, and long service life. Here's a Spider Farmer setup I saw that looks like it has lots of things I'll need: Alternatively, here's a competing kit at Hydrobuilder for similar money, but with fewer components. Would something like either of those put me in my Toyotaesque sweet spot, or should I be looking at something else/a different approach? Budget-wise, I'm happy to spend $500 and would love to not spend $1K.

Thanks in advance for any and all ideas. Hope you're all having a great day.
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