Kingbrite quantum board over organic soil- dark heart, THC design, humboldt seed company, raw genetics, authentic genetics

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Napali pink [under trellis]
Blue dream🦾
Magic melon👉🏻👌🏽
Venom og🙀
Wedding pie [wedding cake X grape pie] 😈🤤
Black jack 🖖
got the clones at dr green thumb [trash, people do not know how to maintain clones] and herbal remedies caregivers 💜[highly recommend, as well as buds and roses]

Seedlings [not in pictures]:
Purple Afghan kush by mz Jill genetics

Burnt toast [Raw genetics]
Hibiscus [HSC]
Ultraviolence *cbg* X Original Haze [authentic genetics]

More strains coming, plus my own crosses.
Gunne be burnt toast makes crossed with all the strains above [gunna be a huge orgy]

I plan on filling the 4x8 with the three napali pinks then flowering once the canopy is completely full! Out of the clones I picked up from the dispensaries, the Napali pink, blue dream and magic melon seem to be the most vigorous. I took clones off of black jack, blue dream and magic melon, all of which were unhealthy from being overwatered and in desperate need of calmag and the magic melon rooted in about 7 days in rapid rooters [imagine if they were healthy]. These girls are some of the biggest calmag whores I’ve ever met, must be the LED’s. All my plants are finally recovering after receiving a little too much love in the form of water from one of family members. I had a tragic life event occur that changed my life forever and had to relocate out of state for about 2 months. I’ve been back for about 3 weeks and they’re finally recovering I plan on running my breeding project outside using clones from all of the plants above to help with genetic stability. Decided it’s gunna be a pollen shuckfest lol. This will be my first breeding project, and I’m excited af.
Gunna be filling in another 4x8 with magic melon + venom og, and 2 4x4’s with blue dream and wedding pie. I run kingbrite quantum boards [480 watt model] at a little less than half power in veg approx 24 inches away from the top of the canopy. I have yet to flower with them. My expectations are extremely high due to how fast they are growing and how happy they are looking. I’m really loving the kingbrites, was a little sketchy at first but who isn’t.
I’ll try to update you guys every week [no promises], Take care everyone- Catepilla killa
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