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Price is where I like to brag, most dispensaries here in the bigsky only charge 35 an eighth for top quality indoor! I am sure prices will go down too, so maybe move out of the desert and into the mountains, if you want to pay such cheap prices!


any updates on the dispensary? Is it still illegal to open a collective?


Yes it is still illegal to open one. There is also a new task force in Las Vegas that is actively scouring neighborhoods looking for grow houses. They call it the SCORE Task force. This is a collaboration between metro and the dea. The article I read said they had raided 88 houses as of 7-12-11.

Here's the article-and a link to the youtube video mentioned in the article.

LAS VEGAS -- Metro police here have sent out a message to local marijuana dealers, using social media to spread the word. Metro has produced a five-minute YouTube video narrated by Capt. Richard Collins, commander of LVMPD Vice and Narcotics.
Collins and Metro are looking to involve everyday citizens in their drug war by teaching them the basic techniques of indoor grow houses and how to smell them out. Collins explains in the video neighbors should look for houses with nocturnal activity, aluminum foil on the windows and a distinct smell: a pungent odor similar to a skunk.
Las Vegas Metro Police have busted more than 88 grow house operations in 2011. With the high inventory of vacant homes in the stagnant Las Vegas housing market, the problem may become a larger one in the future. In 2010, police busted 119 grow houses: By September 2011, Las Vegas Metro expects to exceed the total number of grow house busts in all of 2010.
The issue in Las Vegas is that medical marijuana is legal but Metro Police is stepping up their enforcement despite the legality issues. Metro is busting many medical marijuana distributors along with illegal grow houses. The issue is coming to a head as the medical marijuana law is being ignored and Las Vegas Metro is targeting owners of the medical marijuana store fronts.
Collins also announced the new Southern Nevada Cannabis Operations and Regulation Enforcement (SCORE). SCORE is a task force that will scour neighborhoods looking for the signs of a grow house in neighborhoods around Las Vegas and they will also work with the Drug Enforcement Agency to step up raids on grow houses and medical marijuana operations suppliers.
The end game of the Las Vegas Metro Police is to close the medical marijuana suppliers grow houses, thus cutting off the supply to medical marijuana card holders and eventually snuffing out the medical marijuana businesses.
The fact that the Las Vegas Metro Police Department is working closely with the DEA on their new SCORE task force. The cost of the task force is not known but judging by the manpower and military style equipment in the video the cost will be substantial.
It will be interesting to see if the medical marijuana businesses are still standing once the smoke clears in the wake of this new SCORE task force working hand in hand with the DEA. This project comes in the wake of the international finding that the drug war is a lost cause.
The Global Commission on Drug Policy released a detailed report in June that the drug war is costing countries more money related to enforcement than if the countries legalized marijuana and other drugs. The percentage of drug offenders in prisons in the United States are 25 percent of the prison population according to the Drug War Facts website.

And this-the metro video


organic stress relief on south eastern near the diversity i seen driving one day. never been inside one of these places.


if your a grower your crazy for even entering one of these places, its scary even going to a hydro store here, belive me the law is watching them.


Vegas is the only city in nevada with MMJ, no brick and mortar collectives only dilvery services around the 702 and it's expensive as hell 25 a gram, Im from WA where I can a zip for 200 of the megadank.
Rusty Trichome

Rusty Trichome

What we seem to have here in Nevada, is taxation without representation. The State has proven that it's more than willing to charge us for the license, ($50.00) make us endure a costly background check, ($150.00) make us go to the Sheriff's to get fingerprinted, ($10.00) then the State co-operates with the DEA. The State also makes us sign a waiver (and have it notarized) absolving Nevada of responsibility or culpability in a federal matter. (if you get busted by the Feds) Would hate to find out that SCORE is going down the State's MMJ registry list, and cherry-picking victims...

The voters approved and ratified the changing of our State Constitution to allow for the use of MMJ. But the State authorities use the non-specific language in the law, to control the outcome. (a Federal "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" agreement with the State, perhaps?) And although the law is multiple pages in length, you'd think the specifics are there. But the larger the bill, the more chances for grey areas. Doubtful this was unintentional, and it is not unexpected from the likes of Harry Reid and his underlings.

Metro and the DEA are violating the spirit of the Nevada MMJ law, which they disagree with wholeheartedly. Yet the State cotinues to misguide folks that think patients, are well within State law and are permitted, by our State Constitution, to legally use/possess/grow/purchase medical marijuana. Or to set-up a distribution network, or to help fellow patients, or to share our knowledge without fear of retribution or harrassment. (Oaksterdam...different state, but I'm sure you get the idea) Isn't this governmental entrapment?

Are any of the busts on "legal" growers actually going to court? If so, what's the results to a carded gardener? Or to a carded grower that's still within his plant count limits? Anyone know where the stats for that might be kept? I haven't heard of any patients getting busted just for being at the disensary. Is this happening in Nevada?

Being carded offers some relief in some situations, but creates stress in other's. Like knowing whether you're commiting a felony, or if you're following Nevada law, and are legally making available any excess you might have, so other patients won't have to suffer.

<sigh> We still have work to do. Legalize pot, and get Big Pharma out of the fight. But then...there would be Big Tobacco stepping-in for their "fair" share. Hard to see the light at the end of a tunnel with so many twists and turns.


Are any of the busts on "legal" growers actually going to court? If so, what's the results to a carded gardener? Or to a carded grower that's still within his plant count limits? Anyone know where the stats for that might be kept? I haven't heard of any patients getting busted just for being at the disensary. Is this happening in Nevada?
to my understanding, all the people "busted" were not abiding by state law, so no, if your just a patient buying meds/growin for yourself, you shouldnt is something to think about...i had a "limit waiver" from my doctor saying that the state minimum grow/posession amount was not enough to fill my medical i started growing more plants, and eventually the cops had shown up at my door and searched my house...when i showed the cop my "limit waiver" he made it clear to me that it ment nothing to him or the state law, law says 7 plants, any garden with more than that is obviously this brings a grey area where if you have 2 patients in the same house, does that double the plant #s....i remember seeing on the news not to long ago a guy who got busted with 60 clones in his car at a DUI checkpoint, i never followed up on what happend to him, but im sure it wasnt that good


Nevada Close to Allowing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Tuesday June 4, 2013
California's desolate neighbor to the East, Nevada, is pretty close to allowing medical cannabis dispensaries. The Nevada state legislature passed a bill Monday establishing a system of about 66 state-regulated medical marijuana dispensaries. The bill, SB374, now goes to Governor Brian Sandoval, who has signaled interest in allowing such storefront access points to the drug. Nevada is a medical marijuana state, but currently does not allow such facilities. The state has arrested and imprisoned a number of operators who've tried to open clubs.
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