Lazy, tired, bad back, and fed up with carrying buckets of water so I built this water delivery system for my grow room

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It's been in the planning stages for months. Been on my wishlist for years. Now it's a reality 🤑
I want the cleanest possible water for my plants and I dont wanna carry buckets of it to fill my room tank anymore is the bottom line.
I pull RO water but have had issues with tanks overflowing, where to run the waste line so I have to do all the RO outdoors. That always meant filling up a tank and using a 5 gallon bucket to move water from the outdoor tank into my grow room tank. A tiring, labor filled job to fill a 60 gallon barrel. Nice once it's full but getting there was a painstaking task.

So I wanted a system to pump water from the outdoor tank to the indoor tank. The dilemma however was the entry point in the room from outside is on the opposite side of the room where the indoor tank is located. So I had to get creative.
Add to this a recent freeze and ice storm crippled my RO system outdoors so it all needed to be rebuilt. No better time to fix all this, upgrade the whole thing, and make a personal dream for my grow room come true.

It all starts here

IMG 2703

I'm using a HydroLogic Stealth RO 150 system with several upgrades.
Since I ordered a 100' of 1/2" tubing I made the hose that goes from the house spigot to the filter system. At the shut off valve is two screen filters plus an additional sediment filter between the shut off and the filter system. Then water finally passes thru to the pleated sediment filter. No particulates no matter how small should be able to pass beyond this point
After the sediment filtering the water then goes thru another upgrade, a Chlorashield filter to remove chloramines and chlorine. Then onto the RO membrane chamber and before going into the tank it passes thru another upgrade, a deionizer filter.

IMG 2702

Once in the tank a float valve ensures no overflow occurs. Down inside the tank is the 400GPH pump that moves the water to the grow room. That pump is controlled by an electric float valve so the pump does not run when the tank is empty

IMG 2705

The fill pump then moves the water about 40' to the fresh air intake of the grow room where I cut a hole in the duct and snaked the water line into the room

IMG 2706

Once inside the line snakes around the room, attached to the baseboards using zipties and a staple gun to keep the tubing snug to the wall

IMG 2707

Then up to the room tank where it passes thru one more sediment filter just in case anything got into the fill tank

IMG 2709

At this point there's still some more work to finish off the system. I need to make a hole in the lid for the air tubing and a notch in the barrel for the filling tube. I also have a UV sterilizer on the way so another pump will go inside the barrel to continuously sterilize the water. Once it gets here I may end up cutting the lid in half and putting hinges on it so all the plumbing and air line is on one side of the lid and the other side can be flipped up so I can fill my little bucket to water plants without messing with any of the plumbing parts

IMG 2710

The end result is 60 gallons of extremely pure and well oxygenated water and I don't have to carry a single drop of it to get in there 😇

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