Leaf Problem Or Unknown Problem

Leaf problem or Unknown problem

These 2.5 weeks old bagseed seedlings started turning this yellow-brownish looking color on the fan leaves above the cotyledon, days later they were a little crisp. I have check the charts to see if I could figure this out…. but I’m asking all you expert what do you think is the problem

This is not a PH problem (the other strains all have the same water, soil mix, ect)
No Nutes have been giving

Any info or suggestion will be fully appreciated
I would say theres an issue with the root zone.
But i wouldnt be so quick to say it isn't a Ph issue just because your other ones are in the same environment.
Since they are bag seeds, you have no idea about the genetics and possible phenom types... I breed alot of my own strains and i can plant 5 seeds out of the same batch and some will do very well as far as environmental conditions but there might be that one Thats just fussy and needs things to be 100% exact to grow correctly (i consider that an undesirable trait)
So with that being said i wouldnt blow off the idea of ph issues.
Ill also ask, what type of soil is that? If its bag soil then it does already have nutes in it most likely.
My 2 cents is this... Flush that cup with 5 parts water (5 solo cups of water) let it dry out a bit (maybe a week) then resume small waterings.
Make sure you have good drainage holes in those. In solo cups/dixie cups, if the holes are to small they clog easy and create poor drainage conditions. A hole about the size of a pencile lead is right in the zone you want. I find three holes around the bottom edge is perfect.
Thanks for your input...i have already flush the cups,yes there are holes in the bottom of the cups and im waiting til they dry out before moving forward


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You are not letting the runoff water wick back to medium after waterings right?
I did that once out of laziness. Boom! Root rot :)
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Looks like a funky seed to me. I have often seen some seeds that start off gimpy...some recover and some don't. I would let it go for another week or so and see if it perks up. I don't use hydros and I'm not familiar with all of the potential problems, but it looks like it just is going to take a little bit to get it's crap together.
for the amount of time I have tried to save by not dealing with males and getting FEM seeds wowzer...in my entire life I have not seen/had this many terrible looking seedlings myself

I am sure some FEM seeds are just nifty when ya pay the money they charge wow at the rates of vigor

I had a strain last year I seeded out not gonna work out...stink bugs loveeeed it..like insane never seen a stinkbug on plants like that...mostly of any breaches in plant then it was swarm time..and every other bug loved em...so I planted some with no intentions of ever bringing past first transplant and use themfor trying X and as an indicator if I got things and maybe they attack those first...anyways they are frigging thriving through all my microenvro struggles and all these so called top renown breeders all the gear in seedling stage is just junk! yeah they sprout quick but then wow just slow slow growth and not I can't wait for these to grow slow I mean wtf but they are viable plants and have structure and I think once outside they will be fine...just blah

like another poster said you see something growing great breed that....

I currently lost so many old seeeds seems this year..still have not tried humeric/fulvic acid as new seeds came in and was frustrated but dam think that H/F/acid order is going in today

and to blast peeps yeah
barneys wow at the micro plants suspended in time
ripper all suck like bad
seedsman/ 50/50 some shrivel some are on that nice side

I really hope this next order arriving soon is better gear

sorry for thread drift
also I hear like whats the medium, ph blah blah

I have seen weed thrive growing in a 1 gallon pot with half dirt in a front seat of an old truck that lived from a slight drip from the roof filled out the entire cab and started spreading across windshield and vents it was crazy

so F the perfect condtions yea maybe for best flower but dam veg growth come on maaaaan with any excuses really from the breeders