Leaf Problem

No idea. Strange looking though.

It almost looks like it has a viral infection or something.

Is it just that one leaf or are there others?

Are you using any silica?
Just jacks classic and a little cal mag that is all I ever use my friend. Got to go to the ball and chain and do my 8 hours now. hahahaha. Seems as though my whole life is work and sleep and no time for what I really want to do. which is play guitar and farm. Thanks Lee. You da man. Have a good 1
I can't thank you enough man for the gift. That was fast. I will start them and the SC at same time tomorrow or Monday, depending on how I feel. I still feel like crap and without energy. I have never blew my nose so much in my life. Have a good one bro and again I can't thank you enough. Nice package and all. :o)


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Unless the silica is amended I'm not sure how its there?
Silica is very abundant in the worlds crust and i’m guessing it also naturally occurs in the peat bogs. Also the organic sources used for ammending a soil should include silica too. After all the animals that produces these organic fertilizers eat whats coming from these silica rich soil. Now i don’t use jacks, i’m an organic living soil kinda fellow but i don’t think that regimen involves silica additives does it? Not a necessity i mean. So, many people grow using the same regimen and doesn’t run into problems related to silica. I know people swear by it and it may be beneficial to add a bit more but even in hydro setups people grow without adding silica.
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Are you doing soil? Soil usually has sufficient silica in it. I would just pluck that leaf do an inspection under microscope and if no pests on there just move on. Sometimes shit happens and leaves die. If its not spreading no biggie.
soil yes and it's on a bunch of leaves. It just pops up from time to time. I don't understand why other don't have this problem. HMMMMMMMM! Maybe it is a pheno thing. No pests.
Silica deficiency just really isn't a thing. Plants don't need much of it, and it's about the most common mineral on the entire planet. Perlite is 70% silicon dioxide, and is in almost every commercial soil.

The burned leaf in the background makes me think of generalized nute burn. I'd stop feeding for a week or two and watch.
Thank you sir! Thanks big time.
I was going along fine until this. Can someone please help me identify this. I'm using jack's classic by directions.
Hi there red dwarf (cool handle--i love astronomy). i love this site so much--what an incredible thing it is to have the information flow.

So I'm with @OldManRiver on this one. that looks like nutrient burn to me. are you using an amended soil as well as jack's classic? if so, you're probably running too hot. it looks as if they are younger plants, which have less developed root systems and are thus more vulnerable to nutrient burn. i could be wrong--god knows i am often enough :)
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