Leaf spots appearing near tips and edge

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I've been trucking along nicely for whole grow and my leaves in the middle of the canopy appear to be lightening up and these spots are appearing on the medium aged leaves. Not new growth. My ppms are 950. 35w per sf. Est 650ppfd? Hard to tell exactly because my friends Photone is 100 points different than mine. Is this nute burn? I noticed my tips burning lightly earlier and then it escalated to this? I have a res change this Tuesday (I'll be out of town until then). 21 days past flip approx.

I turned down my lights to 50% from 60%. Was going to shoot for 800ppm next change. Any advise appreciated.

Looks sort of like mag deficiency. Up my Cal mag?

You can check the plant out in the diary for more pics if needed.
Leaf spots appearing near tips and edge
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