Leafs Still Yellow, What can it be?

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Hi y’all. I’m still ha ing an issue with my leafs turning yellow. Now I have a few trees that have full yellow leafs. These yellows leafs are not drying up and dying they’re just not as green as my last harvest. Things I’ve tried:

- Flushed then twice last week.
- Tested the run off PH 6.1-6.3 was the average and the ppm was around 600-700 average.
- Cleaned off all the fan leafs (resent)

About my grow:
- Indoor
- 1000W DimLux De UHF running at 80%
- Room temp 76-80F
- Humidity 50%-60%
- c02 is set to 900-1100PPM

Power Si Bloom 1ML per Gal
Emerald Cal-Mag 5ML per Gal
Emerald Bloom A and B 6ML per Gal
Emerald Goddess (Vitamin B) 10ML Per Gal
Emerald King Kola 12ML per Gal
Emerald Honey Chrome 10ML Per Gal
Mammoth 0.6 ML per Gal.

I typically Ph to 5.8-6.0 with a water temp of 72F. Seams like a lot but this here gives me about 1100-1300 PPM. I’m currently in the beginning of week 5 of flower but this has been going on since they were in veg. When I got them as teens they looked amazing. So it’s definitely something that I’m doing wrong. I’m also following everything that I did in my last harvest, which was very successful. When they were in week two of flower that’s when I started noticing the yellowing which reached the middle of the tree and the middle fan leafs are turning yellowish.

min assuming it’s a deficiency and some thing I don’t think this is a lock out or a burn. Could it be my Cal-Mag is bad?


Check your run off ph, and foliar spary with epsom salts, 1-2 tsp per gallon of water, spray them daily for a week or 2.

Check your cal-mag maybe its bad maybe it needs more.
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Not familiar with most of your products but where is the plants getting nitrogen from?

Edit: also I couldn't find where you said what your medium was

Also they look behind for 5 weeks of flower they look more like 3 weeks or so
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