LED dimmers, how do they work?

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A quick question about how dimming works. Below are the PPFD maps of the Spider Farmer SE5000 and SE1000W lights. I will be comparing the 4ft maps. The SE5000's differance in PPFD reading at 10in is from a high of 1309 to a low of 385. I think that's a differance of almost 400%. The SE1000W has a differance in the PPFD map reading at 12in from 2119 to 1734, a differance of about 18% (if my head is still working right?)
So if I buy the SE1000W and run it at 50% dimmed, will the PPFD map be 1/2 of the SE1000W map, 1060'ish max and 867'ish min and very even, or like the SE5000 map? Anyone with a PAR meter that has tested this? @SpiderFarmerLED , do you have that information at hand? ...and has anyone made a PPFD map of the SE1000W (or G1000W) at say 16in and 20in in a 4x4 tent? I know, that's more the 'A' quick question. 😲
THanks for your input!

Led dimmers how do they work 2


The most efficient option is the SE1000, hanging at 12 inches, and dimmed to where you have an even 800-1,000 ppfd across the canopy.

It’s probably somewhere around 40-60% if I had to guess. You would need a PAR meter to be sure.

Kind of like the most efficient way to save gas is to drive your vehicle in the highest gear at the lowest speed to stay in that gear. You want to hang the light as low as possible and dim it as much as possible to achieve your goal ppfd.


You can't use these par maps to compare anything. They are all using different hanging heights (8, 10, 12)

The SE5000 would do you fine in a 4x4
The SE1000 would also do you fine in a 4x4 (assuming it actually fits)

If you have the $ and want better coverage with the flexibility of future grow space upgrades then go with the 1000W light & run it dimmed for improved efficiency. I just got a 1000w bar light for my 4x4 so I might be slightly bias but I fail to see any negatives at this point

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