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I am a dreamer I guess you can say to make a marijuana strain like no other and brand it.

I have the name and such but I'm looking to find that business partner that want to make it into a legit business. I hope to one day go in a dispensary and see the brand be in selves.

I'm looking for a grower that have the same dreams to take their talent to a level where working a regular job is far in the past. If interested please let me know. I'm very serious and hope to find a partner that want to grow a world wide strain


welcome to the farm!

love the spirit and look forward to witnessing what you achieve! i'm not the grower you seek, but only a mold spore in your life's journey.

as simply something a mere fraction of a newton in the scheme of existence with nothing but a blip of time in this consciousness, i'll add this -- provide value before you ask for value.
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