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Hi I'm new. I wanted to post a thread and don't have too many questions right now. So hadn't seen any threads about this and hoping Im not the only grower that likes getting weird with their weed plants.
These are old but some of my funky projects. Before I knew about defoliating, and the point of diminishing returns with topping.. Thanks to these forums I grow better now. Got some cool bonsai moms and such that I keep around. Kinda into houseplants too.

Mrs Knotty here, Bruce Banner #3 like ten and a half weeks of flower, 4 months of veg..., flushed a bit too early too.

Then this mess, thick bottoms crew. Trained em hard to try a colosseum net thing that time. Good thing I have low humidity it was crazy in there.
Think these were some seeds I made with a bubba clone.

What? Sorry just thought it was a funny pic, that flash really made it a mind bender


Oh man those outdoor trees are too cool, always wonder if it gets big enough does it just overwinter? Like near the equator can you make a canna forest or do they die off with the seasons even if its not cold?

and for simba,
I have been thinking of ways to bo weird stuff as well but always chickened out lol u have definitely given me the confidence to do it!!! Looks great!!!
Go for it, these are like cheater bonsai plants that are way harder to kill. I make too many clones just in case and have fun with em. You can wire and break branches and weed don't care like deciduous trees. I have a good one going Ill post soon all woven up. Just something to have in the window sill when I'm not in the garden.
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