Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

It is a little bit early but I have few moms planted:)Guerilla style as you can see,hope they will survive the stormy weather on the Balkans these days!One felt down I have to support them better next time I go.....,Also few small clones.All have been grown on 15/9 light cycle,trying to prevent early flowering when I plant them outside...….
Hey Joe,

Curious to see how the Giesel cross goes for you up here. Is that one from Logic? When do you usually see your first and last frost on the island?

Plants look great, what are you running for amendments this season if any or is that just native soil?

Good luck!
Hi Tweedy, yes Divine Genetics. I've grown them indoors before this is my first time outdoors with them. I don't think there'll be any more Frost this spring and don't usually get Frost until late September or October at the earliest. I'm more worried about the rain in September. I top dressed with Giai general purpose 4-4-4
I mixed in some Sea Soil otherwise mostly native soil at the forest edge.
3 × nuken
5 x Quebec gold express
2 x violator kush
Small ones in solo cups in back hard to see but...
5 x power africa x mk ultra fast
4 x C99 x blueberry fast
2 x CB Dream
1 x pineapple express

Heading for 50 gallon fabric planters next week. Good luck to all with their outdoor grows