Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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A small tester at 15in of the Mix M155
with one seed on top but I have a bag of those seeds to trade

M155 (SCDCxBlueberry8 F2) 😎
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I wanna try that

20210809 161421
20211110 102822
20210809 161438
20210814 050729
20210809 161447
20211110 102832


What's up my fellow farmers!?
Haven't been on here for a few months but that don't mean I took that time off! Here is the work of one of my projects for fun. I reversed a red delicious pheno and used the pollen to breed with milkbone 21. Red delicious is from exoticgenetix and is redpop x apple fritter and milkbone is from greenteamgenetics and is GSC x stardawg. This is the product of those two at day 47. Starting to get a dark purple fade on the tips and has the terps of reddelicous with the bud structure of the MB. IM thinking either milkalicous or 21 apples for the name.
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