Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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Yeah somebody told me to drought it for a week and then dark for 2 days before clipping?
In truth their are lots of ways that are good. With that said, here is what I do. Remember your plants think it's Fall. I would flush them now with clean PHd water to get out all nutes. If you can let your grow space get cold at night. Down to 40 seems to bring out the best colors. By the time you harvest your plants should look about like the Pic I am sharing.

Doing this let's the plant use all its energy but leaves less to be aged out during the cure. I have never found dark in the last few days to be much help one way or the other
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The ball on the end of the tricrome they start clear. Slowly turn cloudy and even white, then amber. Amber is over ripe when THC breaks down Into other compounds. Good rule of thumb is 10-20% Amber on the buds. The leaves get amber first. Ignore those and look at the buds
thanks so if you had to guess of these two how long you think til chopping either way they getting chopped Tuesday that will be week 10
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