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Almost Halloween and just started seeing some amber on some sugar leaves on two of the plants, Apples and Bananas and the Wedding Cake. Looking like the Cherry Tonic Web CBD will likely go mid November, dang. Banana OG looks to be a 9 week strain and getting closer too.

Not the greatest pics but it’s hard to get lighting that works with the camera.
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Well I think this girl is coming down tomorrow.
Got two Trainwreck seeds to try and wow could they not be more different. One had to be harvested early (end of September but was almost ready) from WPM and bud rot but was frosty AF with soft fluffy buds and a sickly sweet smell then theres this girl With barley any frost dense HARD buds and a fuel like smell 🤣🤣🤷🏼‍♂️


Well, we got mauled by yet another freak thunderstorm last night, im sitting here drinking my coffee, trying to get the nerve up to go out and assess the damage, sometimes I envy those who grow under totally controlled conditions , that is until I look out my bedroom window and see the almost continuous four foot cola growing fatter by the day on one of my girls. That huge ball of plasma that forever tugs on our planet and will one day consume it amazes me in its unparalleled ability to make all the pain of past storms seem so distant and inconsequential. heres a pic of one of the five gallon girls from last year, ill post some of this years when I figure out how to use this new phone my wife got me.
Cannabis and literary scholarly. That's just living right!✌️


Welp, I harvested the last of the outdoor Maui Wowie, and after a rinsing and light fan leaf removal, she's hanging in the dark at 60/60. Here's pics of her just before harvest, a full 3 weeks behind the other 2; she has a little bit more skunkiness and earthy pepper to go along with the sweetness, and I think will be even better ganja than the others, which I have been smoking steadily since finishing the dry trim, after they hung for 20 days.
IMG 1099
IMG 1100
IMG 1112
IMG 1113
IMG 1114
IMG 1115

And a quick shot of a cola I'm about to finish off from the oldest pheno
IMG 1124

Thanks to everyone for an engaging thread and lots of eye candy. It was a tough but rewarding growing season where I'm at, and I'm grateful for the harvest I'm reaping entering the winter, which is definitely coming. . . .


Well, got 3 out of the 4 harvested, dried and in jars. Between the three plants, I got 18 ounces. I tried to get pics but it was early and the light was terrible so they didn't turn out well.

The last hold out is the Cherry Tonic Web CBD and she is at a full 10 weeks as of today by my best guess. Been having high temps in the 20F range and lows in single digits. Toughest times have been the snow storms that bring high winds and high RH. My greenhouse has started to fail because of the high winds and I've had to bring in blankets to cover the wall where the windows are because the wind trashed them and cold wind was blowing straight in. Lots of challenges but I have made it to the finish line. Going to chop the last one today as the weather is really going to head south in the next few days.

Got some pics of the trichs, for the most part cloudy and not a lot of amber but it's time!
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I now work trimming dry bud for a local michigan grow, in the u.p. they send the bud to ann arbor for sale in there dispos. Information entropy. Today I brought in prerolls of lemon skunk to share with group. she just got dry. I am a no till farmer, and they are used to drip fed in a medium weed. I GOT EVERYBODY SO HIGH TODAY!! LMAO. Stoned Ppl just aimless wandering around around the building, farmers just staring at plants. Trimmers taking waay too long on a bud! Not much got done today, but I am super proud of my regen bud!! Cant wait till the sagarmatha northern lights is dry. She just blew me right back!! Lmao!!


20221023 174949
20221023 175119
20221023 175152
20221113 151430
20221113 151406

Got them all hanging as of the 14th, too busy for pics, but got some pics of my favorite looking one. Ice cream cake bag seed. Not a fan of modern hybrids, but am really liking her heavy eyes, and her get "baked" like cake, buzz. And of course that ice cream sweet, on yellow cake mix.


Anything going on this year? Had me going for a minute! I’m going, those don’t look like autos.😅

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