Let's talk about Autoflowering

I'm a fan of growing them, both for variety and speed. I'm not experienced enough to be able to differentiate the smoke from an auto from photoperiods. I'd generally just like to have access to as many strains as feasible to keep mental illness stuff at bay, so I'm more concerned with variety than having a couple lbs from one plant.

Growing autos, I can get 3 outdoor harvests in a summer without light dep, (June, August, October) if they're started inside in April/June/August.

What are your thoughts on autos?
I've only grown a handful of freebies they've sent me, one I had about 3.5 yrs. ago called doctor Krippling choco-Matic made me stop riding my bike and sit down and watch the waves for a good 20 minutes, to be clear I mean I was stoned and I had to stop riding! Oddly enough aside from that day I didn't think it was all that special

There was one other, a Northern Lights cross, I can't remember the cross right now but it tasted like straight hash and it was very nice, it's the only one I would grow again, I'll remember it eventually
Admittedly I've never grown one. But I've smoked a few. Generally I'd say the overall quality of the ones I tried wasnt up to the grade of what I normally smoke but my experience is quite limited. Regardless I think I've been put off of them until I try something that meets the level of quality I look for. The ones I tried were a bit harsh and not nearly as flavorful as the stuff I'm used to, which personally rules them out for me at the moment.
I grew greenhouse seeds northern light auto. They took some abuse and flushing like a good first grow but under my 600 in the 4x4 tent they gave 15 oz of very earthy piney delicious big colorful buds that had a very strong stone.

The Jack and skunk photos i grew after had a more complex and cerebral effect and more intersting and varied flavors but everyone really loved the northern lights auto. A dispensary I ended up working with bought half of it.

Thats my only experience with autos. I think maybe the extra cbd compared to my diesel and thai hybrids I like may offer medical benefits that high thc weed does not offer. Especially sleep.
Plus outdoors when it's free, like we talked about. Fast and multi crops. It has its place.

Autos will be great for older people. To grow and smoke. High cbd. Easy to grow. Also easy to get ovet 1oz per plant. Even if you screw it up.