Light dep..Stop pulling tarps the last two weeks?

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Yes and no! If you are doing it towards the end of the season when the light is naturally receding then it is perfect. On the other hand, if the last two weeks are anywhere between now and mid-august I would highly suggest keeping the dep going. I did this last year and saw a ridiculous number of foxtails on my tips and my buds did not finish as bulk as I thought that they should.

Jalisco Kid

I agree with the above post. I think maybe the last 4 days to harden them up might work. I sometime increase my lights to help me finish my preps for harvest. I have never been a perpetual harvest kinda guy. I just bury myself for awhile. Suerte JK


Sanvanalona has the right idea. If your natural light cycle is down around 12 hours, then yes. If you are wanting to do it this time of year when the days are long, then no. If the days are too long they will try to revert back to veg which will affect budset.

Ben Marc

Id be considering switching up to that 600w hps in the future, but grow a couple crops out with those cfls see how it goes. You can always use them as supplemental light if you chose to upgrade. But i feel like id dig vegging under a couple of those guys, they put out a ton of lumens and work well suspended in between plants horizontally with no hood.

Maybe Save money on electricity only running an hps for flowering.

Ben Marc
Aeon Grow
Green Mopho

Green Mopho

Got a hoop we have been depping for about 4 weeks, in full flower now. At 38 N latitude, do we need to keep pulling tarps right now for the next 4 weeks? Or can they finish on natural light, which is about 13 hours right now.


I think the usual way is to increase the dark hours when getting close to harvest, which will encourage them to finish, and lead to more crystals.
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