Light Dep vs Mother Nature

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What’s up y’all.. i’m in So Cal. and want some ideas and guidance on whether to take away my supplemental lighting and begin to pull tarps for the next 8 weeks or take away my supplemental lighting and let mother nature do her thing.. i have some pretty monster plants that i didn’t think would take off the way they did and was hoping to light dep in feb march or april.. before the heat kicked in next year. they’re just too big at this point and just going to flip them now. i love in the city and in a residential/industrial area and i have neighbors that have porch lights and factory’s that have site lighting that may or may not cause issues. there is a light from a factory that’s probably some sort of cheap halogen or something that’s like 75-100 feet from my plant and maybe one neighbor porch light cfl.. and of course street lights.. 150+ feet away.

Will any of these cause my plants to herm? i know there is a lot of controversy on this.. but i’m all ears right now.. i don’t really wanna pull tarps but i don’t wanna throw away this potential either and i’m ready to build and ventilate the hoop house to the best of my ability. TIA!
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