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so next grow guestion .

ill be using my spider farmer 2000 light in 4x4 tent.

question is can i run my other blurple light in there to for extra boost? or should blurple not go with the spider light ?
Aqua Man

Aqua Man

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Heat stress is more common than light stress. I keep my lights around 24" veg and 14" flower with no problems.
Heat/light stress will start with a V shape to the upper leaves and spiked serrations. As it processes the edges may curl and curling may occur. Leaves will sometimes flip ir turn and the stems will shoot up vertically to angle the leaves to get less light. Basically if it looks like the leaves are reducing surface area you will want to look at light edges spiking and curling heat but also could be an indication of russet mites.

Typically you see them go habd in hand as the leaf has a hard time transpiring enough when the plant gets to much light.

Heat stress causes light stress and vice versa so almost always seen together.
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