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Beautiful praying man, looking so damn healthy! Absolutely killing it brother!!
Thanks dude 😁 I know a bunch of people who'll disagree, but I think all this solo cup BS is really helping me be a better grower.

Lots of time has been spent trying to tell the weight difference of .5# between cups 😂


I've got 2 Real Sour Okie pheno's.

One tall and branchy no big smell yet
IMG 2023 03 10 21 06 46 228
One short and compact. She smells like musky feet or wet socks currently. Excited to see where she goes
IMG 2023 03 10 21 06 59 460

Need to figure something out here lol
IMG 2023 03 10 21 07 26 843


Guess I'll start transplanting to 1 gals tonight.

Not sure how this will play out due to space.
I may be hunting it down to one female to finish in 10 gallon pot.
got my eyes on the middle and 7 o clock 👀
IMG 2023 03 11 20 24 19 227

LMAO I could put all 7 in the 10 gallon and cut the males as they show 🤣


Mid-Week Update

Things are moving right along in and out of the grow. Got the house pretty much unpacked and setup, got my boy and my wife moved in, and have put in about a billion job apps haha.

Grandpa's Stash seedlings doing seedling things. They've claimed the SF tent and it's running at 45% light intensity.
Both had issues with helmets, plant G lost it's helmet but I had to free the membrane with my finger nail. Plant S opened up, but is holding onto it's helmet. 🤷View attachment 1325731

The Real Sour x Okie & Original Og x Madmartigan cuts doing well. No roots yet, day 8 today. Been misting and have all 4 vents fully open now. Remoistened the 2 or 3 plugs I felt needed it last night. They have taken residence in the HLG tent, 20% light intensity.View attachment 1325727View attachment 1325729

Spent this morning configuring my first humidity controller setup 👍🏻 the controller being on the floor kills me but you win some you lose some. Will do the second tent sometime.View attachment 1325728View attachment 1325733View attachment 1325732

Hope it works, may need to move things around it's seeming to stay around 43% with humidifier on max. Maybe it's me opening and closing the tent over and over 🤣 will monitor today as I wait for wifi dude ✌🏻
Set humidity 50%
Hum diff 4.0
Dehum diff 10.0( don't have dehum lol)
Alarm high 80%
Alarm low 10%
Ct 0

Here's some native flapjack fungi me and my dog found man. View attachment 1325730
What do you do with flapjack ?


Thanks man! I couldn't have done the clones without you. So for real, thank you haha I feel like I'm set up to keep cloning the rest of my life now.

And that's actually hilarious that you say that. I happened to be doing a big sniff test when I came face to face with the mycelium for the first time 😅 😱 lol I'll admit I jumped back and freaked for a second after huffing some white fuzzy shit 😂 I decided to quit smelling the soil then and there thinking along the lines of what you just said haha
I've got a question can u clone with a aloe plant. what equipment do I need to clone with aloe if known and without if unknown


I figured being in a new house and a new area, I'd start up a new thread. Welcome to
LockeBox in the Lungroom 😎

For the first time in my growing days, I'll have central heat and air. 👍🏻 View attachment 1323592

Here's a sneak peak at the room, still have to go back for the other tent. It will go Infront of the window on left, need black curtains. View attachment 1323599

To kick things off, here we have some un-rooted cuts I brought from the old place.
-8 Original Og x Madmartigan
-7 Real Sour x Okie #2
-5 Real Sour x Okie #1
View attachment 1323597

Upon arrival to the new house, the clones were all still covered in dew and the dome was moist like shown above. I took the dome off for about 30 seconds, wiped it with a paper towel, and replaced it. View attachment 1323596View attachment 1323595

Then, I set the entire dome on a plant saucer and pushed it in the corner with the sf2000 on 20%. (Fan in pic is off)View attachment 1323594

Then to really put the cherry on top, I decided to pop some more seeds for the other tent when I get it here.

Grandpa's Stash R2 by Ethos Genetics
View attachment 1323593View attachment 1323598
I decided to go with two seeds. I have a whole plan for both tents in mind but I will keep it to myself so I seem less sporadic if I change it 🤣

@bigbagofbuds hey buddy haha
Come on man, share your plan. That's how we learn, though our (and other's) mistakes. Remember the saying, "the only thing constant is change"..... and that should be the cannabis growers motto! 🤣
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