Lol i hope i did this right...

So i just beheaded two of my bitches lol :friday: . I hope i did it right. i sanitized a pair of scissors pulled back the leaves and chopped her damn head off. :ridinghorse:
Lol k good thanks guys, so know all the energy will be used to grow out the two remainding branches on top?

Honestly i just did it in hopes slowing these two down so the others could catch up lol.



I just pinch the tops off with my finger nails....

And ya, now the remaining shoots will bust out.
Top it as many time as you want....
Mums get topped constantly.... no harm will come of it.


2 at least...could have more. Don't worry, you did it right bro. Just be patient and see what happens.
Nah, i have 2-3 more weeks before flowering, i have 9 clones these two where the biggest drawfing the others so i thought id slowem down so the others can catch up