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Hey all,

I'm happy to finally be active on this forum. I love helping people grow and have definitely had my share of stumbling along the way. I got lucky enough to have the shortcut of learning from a serious Northern California BM grower who helped me learn the ropes rapidly about 7 years ago. I graduated with a BS in Botany and Chemistry in 2013, all with the intent of growing the finest and safest cannabis possible. My professors were aware of this and actually nurtured the idea. I have been growing in the legal market at licensed growers on and off for 7 years. When I wasn't in cannabis, I was helping manage decent sized nurseries with over 30,000 square feet of greenhouse under my care. I've also recently become involved in hemp extraction for CBD distillate and isolate so feel free to pick my brain at that as well. It's not my strong suit yet but I'm learning more everyday. Forums like this are a great tool for learning so I'm on several of them for growing and extracting.

I've learned a lot of ways to kill plants so I'd love to share my experiences and opinions to help other be successful.

The plant isn't legal until everybody can home grow with impunity.

All use is medical.


Welcome, curious about your route to your avatar name...
Haha fortunately it was given to me and is not self-proclaimed. It has been my gamertag/handle for years. It offends a lot of people 🤷‍♂️ but that also serves as a good filter against those without my same sense of humor.
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