Looking for good dry salts uk

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Hey guys am looking into pure salts or jacks 321..veg& bloom ..masterblend & the 420 forgot the name off that ..
Any other iv missed not looked into .?

So witch one seems to be the better formula ?
Am looking at a 3-1-4 or 3-1-5 not much ino ha I use ionic uk brand am a uk grower my plants seem to love it in hydro sog 600 watts off light in a 3x3 grow tray

Carnt download hydro buddy ? Any others or can someone help me out ?

What been useing for a bit now is

ionic a&b
Soalr power by budda tree.. si
Meta boest by buddas tree ..seaweed
Fulvic acid
Cal mag
Mammoth p

Foliar... rocket fuel ...

Just costs a bit mush now & wonted to have better soluble Base .

any recommendations ..

Wonted more sulphur in my mix too 🖒
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