Looking For Good Inexpensive Water Pipe In U.s. So It Can Ship Quickly

Okay, Some of you may remember me from working with my son-in-law and his partner on a grow. Well I finally told the partner where he stuff his plants.

So now I'm just vending at events now and doing distribution of our families CBD products direct to patients and wholesale.

I only really know flower and our companies CBD products. I've gotten some carts customers love and now I'm getting ready to begin to sell concentrates shatter, wax, resin, diamonds etc. So I need to put together a dab rig I know which e-nail setup I will likely get as recommended by a fellow vendor that has been doing this for a long time. Now I'm looking for a respectable recycler or bubbler that wont my cash. After I build up my business a bit I'll be a nice hand blown in the U.S.A. piece. Now I'm just hoping to get something to get me started providing dab samples. Any suggestions that don't involve waiting a month for something from China.

Me I'm too much of a light weight for dabbing I tried a rice size piece of shatter once and shot from zero to 1000 in about a second. Besides I just like flower a whole lot.

Budget is $100 or less.


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There ya go. If it were me though I’d check into a personal vaporizer. I use the mighty by storz and bickel. It’s a tad pricey but there’s nothing nearly as nice. Trust me, I’ve had em all and even have a backup mighty brand new in the box just in case it breaks.