loosing all fan leaves,30 days in bud

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hey guys,ive have been running 2 strains nycd-x a-11,& mandalas sotori,been growing clones off of a mom of each,plants look great till about 30 days in all fan leaves go from green to lime green to yellow,i useualy keep on veg ferts for 1st 10 days in,mayabe i should go longer,or load them up w/nitrogen,in veg,before going into flower,could be the strains ,any info would be great, thanks. joe macc


I would like to see a few pics, I've seen a lot of problems, and worked through them. Maybe I could help.


what are you feeding them in flower? you mention feeding them veg food 10 days into flowering but you should be switching over to a flowering fert but it definatly sounds like an underfeeding problem...That's what my plants do when i flush them the last couple of weeks.
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