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Hello folks!

I THINK this is the introduction thread. Im SO clumsy with this stuff so please accept my apologies in advance for when that clumsiness inevitability confuses us all !

I'm pretty much a rookie having only done three or four casual outdoor crops in suburban South Australia. Though my friends (and theirs) have given me VERY positive feedback and i think that's mostly because I'm meticulous about when i choose to harvest and also throughout the curing process.

Hang on: is this enough info for introduction? Perhaps i should save the rest for showcasing this summer's crop?


Ps I have a thread here where i asked about some potential nutrient burn and will take this opportunity to thank those who responded with advice: thanks 👍!

Pps Also, i hate to be that guy who doesn't participate alot except on his own thread but unfortunately that IS a little bit how it will be for the foreseeable future, because my life is a bit chaotic atm with many competing interests: i thank you for your patience.
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